About us

        Shenzhen Genstar Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2013, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on commercial intelligent hardware and Internet of Things applications, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.Genstar Technologies can deeply understand the needs of industry users in the process of the evolution of business intelligence, and provide customized intelligent hardware solutions for business users. Its products include intelligent hardware, deeply optimized Android systems and development interfaces that meet business needs, business cloud platform management tools, etc.

        The company's annual compound growth rate is more than 50%. The company's products are widely used in new retail, smart catering, smart cinema, smart medicine, smart hotel, smart park construction and other industries. 

        Genstar Technology is willing to join hands with partners to promote the intelligent evolution of the business environment with an open mind.


GENSTAR technology is a company focusing on business

Technology companies that develop all kinds of intelligent commercial hardware devices based on the latest technology

For new retail, new catering industry users to provide customized solutions

What does GENSTAR offer

Commercial intelligent hardware

In depth optimized Android system and development interface in line with business needs

Business cloud platform management tools

Differentiation of GENSTAR

With the rapid development of new retail and new catering

To meet the needs of consumers for a better life as the starting point

Continuous research and development and launch of innovative products

Why was GENSTAR established

GENSTAR technology adheres to the spirit of "focus and innovation" and relies on its team members' nearly ten years of experience and experience in the field of semiconductor and commercial hardware

Accumulation, to provide intelligent industry solutions for business users.

Core values

Customer first, make the best use of talents, unity and cooperation, and do what you say


Focus on the challenges and pressures of commercial customers, provide competitive industry solutions and services, and continue to create maximum value for customers.


Become the first class commercial Internet of things company in China

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